Thursday, August 2, 2012

Timp Caves First Timers

Last Friday Matson and I hiked Timpanogos Caves for the first time. It was a pretty hike and good little workout! Inside the caves you have to go through with a tour guide and that was a lot of fun and interesting!
Me hiking the trail 
us on the trail with AF canyon behind us 
Matson outside the cave entrance
Nothing was better than our tour guide. He was your typical nature/cave guide. So funny with the beard and all.
Our guide was the best. Classic caveman tour guide.
Our group inside the caves. Anders, me, Matson, Mette, and Dad
Us inside the caves
Most annoying was this dude (my dad)...just kidding love you!
My dad does thumbs up in all shots with a cheesy grin :)
But for real, the whole hike down my dad said to every person walking up, "Man...too bad we hiked that whole way and the cave was closed." I felt so bad so to every person walking by I had to apologize and explain my annoying dad is just teasing them. Such a GOOF. Sometimes he doesn't act 50. More like minus 42 years from his real age. Yeah 8. A little 8 year old.

Thanks Dad for taking us up to the caves for the first time!

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  1. Haha he sounds just like my dad who is 50 too. Maybe it's the age??? You guys are so cute! Looks like a fun hike :)