Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2nd Wedding Anniversary

Wellp, it has been two years that Matson and I have been married and I know this is mushy and cliche but I love him so much and still consider myself one lucky lady to have gotten a man like Matson who cares so much for me, is so hard working at everything he does, is so kind and giving, and who can make me laugh so hard even when I am completely frustrated with him. It really is something special to marry your best friend, starting your own life together, creating your own little traditions, and truly becoming a family. I've looked back and it's amazing the fun places and things we have experienced and seen together:

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Seattle, Washington
San Juan, Puerto Rico
St. Thomas
St. Lucia
St. Kitts
St. Maarten
New York City
Cancun, Mexico
and of course, all over Utah

Here is to many more years full of adventures and love. I love you, Mats! 

That's enough mushy-ness for you all, I am sure.
So...did you know the 2nd Anniversary gift is the "cotton" anniversary year? Which also reminds me of how I do not like cotton balls and I avoid it as much as I can to touch them. Weirdest texture. Hah. I am so random. 


  1. Erica, I hope you don't think I'm some crazy aunt you've never met that stalks your blog! Ok, I might be...but I am really enjoying getting to know you through your posts. Matson s a lucky young man, and I'm sure you feel blesses as well to have him. I do love the whole Tanner clan, and I'm enjoying watching the next generation of us lead on! AND, I don't have any married kids yet, so I'm living vicariously through you two, Teagan, and kelly! :)