Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Sister's Shower // Episode 1

My little sister is getting married later this month. THIS MONTH. Soooo to kick off the wedding festivities we started with a shower last Friday night that my mom's friends threw for her. The theme of the shower was just "shower" (hint: the shower soap, shower gel (Jones Soda), and cute pom pom clouds with rain). It seriously was one of the cutest showers with the most important part of a shower...yummy food. It was so fun to see good friends, try my first ever macaroon, and get my baby fix from baby S*.

Baby S* and I walking around playing in the mirrors.
Most Photos via Chelsie (who helped throw the shower...Thanks Chels!)


  1. How cute!! I saw Ashley's invite at Gma's and fell in love!! So cute. Can't wait for pics from the wedding!

  2. PS. Where in the world did you find macaroons??!