Saturday, August 11, 2012

House Hungry

So next week marks our 2nd year of being married. Party! With 2 years of marriage also comes the feeling of just be sick of our apartment. Our apartment is great and all but it is still just an apartment. We are a little house hungry over here. So just like with baby hungriness (I can't believe that is a red squiggly line underneath it. Hallelujah!) you go find a little baby or kid and it fills that void, so with house hungriness and if you aren't in the position to buy a house you just fix up your place you are in now to feel that void...right??

Our bedroom is great and all but there is this one wall in our room that I have never liked but for some reason I just feel a little bond with it because of the wreath on it. You are all thinking, "What the freak? A wreath?"

Yes, a wreath. But not just any wreath. A wreath from our wedding reception.

Just ignore our intense faces.
See...pretty wreath, right? So I am all, "Ohhh let's dry the wreath and be all artistic like and put it in our house." So we did just that and it has sat there for almost 2 years "drying".

SO UGLY! What was I thinking? Seriously. And why is it still on my wall? My thoughts keep going back to our reception night and this wreath came from that beautiful night...holding on to it.  Then they turn to thoughts about how wilted and fugly (freaking+ugly) and who cares? It's vomit in the mouth so out to the trash it went.

So I got together some cheap frames and free printables off Pinterest of course and came up with this new, redone and fun wall! I am in love. Makes me so happy when I see it!

Not the best but I didn't want to spend oodles of money on this so we used a lot of what we had but some I bought new and it definitely didn't cost me more than $25 (minus the portrait of us, I think that was $25 itself).

  • Upper Left
    • Photo: Me at 8 in ballet class
    • Frame: Unknown (Old)
  • Bottom Left
    • Photo: Matson at 6 or so
    • Frame: Michael's (Gifted to me by Matson)
  • Bottom Center "Utah"
  • Bottom Right
  • Center "I Love Us"
  • Top Center "You Are My Sunshine"
  • Top Right

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  1. so cute i love that wall, ya i dont know what you were thinking with that wreath, but i have some items like that too so I don't judge. And Erica your face in that pic is priceless......