Saturday, March 10, 2012

Utah Student 25 Gala 2012

My dad is the founder of the Utah Student 25. Many other states have these same kind of awards programs too. It really is such an interesting and motivating night (at least for my family of business/entrepreneur people) where you see student businesses be awarded from the 25th to 1st. It's a fun night and good excuse to dress all up and cute! We got to go to support Pops and enjoy a yummy meal and hear some good speakers!

My beautiful mom and I

Matson checking out one of the booths or businesses.
This one had built in ankle braces in basketball shoes.
Matson was very interested.

Me, Mom, and my cute lil sis!

Was so pumped to finally wear my Steve Madden Sparkle Shoes! 
Love them. Can't wait to wear them again.
There's even this little video of my Dad from the first year (2009) of Utah Student 25, where he's kind of explaining why it is such a great thing.

I think one of the highlights of the night was being able to meet one of my dad's old students, whom ranked 17th place in 2010 but has now become very successful with his mobile QR code app and business, Scan. You can read about Garrett Gee and a fun blog post he posted written to my dad (just to add a little humor) on his blog here. It was interesting to hear all his stories about how he got his funding from Lady GaGa, Ashton Kutcher, and other big investors in Silicon Valley.
It seriously motivated me who isn't even a businesswoman, but just helped me to want to support Matson through all his schooling and business projects and ventures. Whether that be by just helping him with school, staying up late nights, or in the future taking care of our children (with or without him, if he has to work).

It's amazing what setting a goal can do, even if everyone says its impossible or incredibly hard to achieve.

All in all it was a great night with Matson and the whole Richards family.