Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Room

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks because my dang blog is out of photo space....WHAaaaaT??? No room? No room? Lame-o.

If you are like me then you agree every post should have a little photo to go with it. It's just visually pleasing and makes it more fun.

I am so bugged and a cheapster I know...made up word so I don't want to buy more room for photos.

Now Matson & I are just trying to decide whether or not to buy a little website (which my brother or him could design since they are learning HTML code and all that jazz...) or either buy some more room for this blog here on blogger.

So decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well you aren't missing much anyway. My posts would probably be full of my complaints about school and stress. I can't wait for this H E double hockey sticks of a semester to be over. Counting down the days.

Looking forward to General Conference this weekend, seeing my Grandpa & Grandma Hill this Sunday, and, of course, summer which will hopefully include pool days, sun tans, watermelon (oddly I am badly craving it), pickle ball, long gym workouts, some weekend getaways, and maybe a fun trip or two.

Well until we make some updates on this blog. 

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight...thank you Von Trapp Family for that one.


  1. Ok this happened to me too a looong time ago and I found a solution for free. Go to settings and then under blog authors add a new author and use a different email address. You can either just make a new email address to use just for this (that's what I did) or use Matson's or something. With each new author your storage space starts over completely so my plan is to just keep doing this until I use all my storage again and then I'll just keep making new authors. You just have to log on under your new email every time you do a new post with pictures. But with your old account you can still do posts with text. It's kind of annoying sometimes, but it's free so it works :)

    Haha, not sure any of that made any sense at all so let me know if it didn't and I can try to re-explain it :)

  2. Oh and just to add under your old account (the one you have now) make sure you give your new author account an administrator status too so you can make changes to your blog with it. Hope it works for you!

  3. What in the world? I didn't even know this was possible. Not looking forward to that day.

  4. what the? really??? I didnt know blogger did that. booooo. good luck with your killer semester.. hang in there!

  5. ok! this happened to me! it's terrible! i had to "buy" space. It's like 4 or 5 dollars a year. just get the smallest one. ha if you want to pay 5 bucks to put pictures on your blog. But i think it holds tons and tons and just sends you an email at the first of the year asking if they want to charge your card another 5 dollars for the year. I'm sorry! so annoying!!