Saturday, March 3, 2012

School is Rough

Seriously. School is killing me. I cannot wait for this semester to be over, and not just for my sake but Matson's too. We both have been so busy. Midterms was crazy plus projects and Matson's never ending Calculus homework.

You can't see, but I got some nice words next to my Testing Center test!
Both my midterms turned out great!
So even though I am dying, it is paying off.
The worst thing we both do is look at other couples or friends who aren't stressing about school and are enjoying their date nights, time together, and Valentine's Day (we celebrated ours a dang week late because our weekend after was even too full of homework and stuff). BUT I try to be optimistic and point out the blessings in our lives and the things to look forward to!

I am always looking forward to the weekends...yet we haven't done anything the last few Fridays or during the days on Saturdays. So Saturday nights and Sunday mornings are really our only relaxing weekend time.

I am definitely looking forward for April when school ends for the semester.

And I am looking waaaay forward to December 2013 when I graduate.

And even more forward to April 2014 when Matson will graduate. That will mark the end of school for us forever (hopefully).

This phase of our life is fun, but tiring. I know the next phase of our life will be hard too but I am just ready for that next phase, yet we still have 2 more years. Poop!

But don't get me wrong my friend, A*, and I still have fun in our classes sometimes.
Gotta love my major and all my Elementary Education classes.
But they sure are full of random, tedious projects. 
All I know is that Winnie the Pooh is a wise character. Haha.
Whether the "me" is Matson or Heavenly Father.
This quote has reminded me that with their help I can weather the hard times!

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