Thursday, March 8, 2012

a few {more} things i am loving

A couple weeks ago I shared some things I was loving. That was kind of fun to post about so I thought I would share some more things I am loving this week!

Maybe this will become a little series of posts...just maybe. I may get sick of telling you things I love each week and you probably don't give an ant's poop what little, weird things I love. Sooo let's not commit just yet.

1. Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie (remember the little Nicki Minaj rapper and her back up dancer dressed in pink tutu's and tiaras?). This segment is hilarious and Taylor Swift is so precious with them. Nothing better than when they are CHOMPING down on their cookies and when Rosie talks all about her ex-boyfriend. If this doesn't make you laugh (or at least smile) then...go and remember "loads of jokes" or eat some "cotton caaandy."

2. My cheap, knock off watch. You know how Michael Kors watches are so in right now and I have so wanted one? Yeah, I love them so much, but I just can't justify paying 300+ for one watch that I wouldn't even use to actually tell me the time since I always use my phone, so it would serve as just a bracelet. So for New Year's Matson got me this jem of a watch and I have been wearing it lots lately, like daily.

3. Matson's Remote Controlled Helicopter. Not only does it supply us with some good entertainment, but it is dang hilarious to watch Rookie (my family's dog) chase that thing like it's a real life bird she wants to attack.

4. Glitter. Whether it be my glitter nails or my glitter Steve Madden heels. Finally wore them for the first time last week and now that I broke them in, I just know these jems will be worn frequently.

Me wearing them last week at the Utah Student 25 Gala

5. My phone's lock screen. You can download yours or another 1 of the 4 wallpaper options here.

This looks super fuzzy on here, but is perfect for the iPhone.

What are you loving lately? I would love to hear about them and feel free to put some good links to them in a comment for us all to see!

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  1. I am loving the show "The New Girl", my new chevron top and the beach! I love your picks!