Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the small things matter most.

the smalls things matter most. at least to me.


what direction the toilet paper is put on. which I am sure is a reoccurring battle with husbands, roommates, siblings, or whomever you live with. matters.

Came across this image this week.
I guess I am a faithful, logical, and sensible.

Or like...

just painting your nails and a good time what seems like 30 minutes of waiting for them to dry then freaking smudging one just one nail and you leave it be because you don't have another what seems like 30 minutes of waiting for it to dry. matters because the whole week I am just staring at that ruined nail.

Or like...

the moment I walk into my parents house and see this little face running straight at me. matters most.

Or like...

the little kiss your husband leaves on your forehead or cheek every morning before he goes to work. matters mosteven if you are the deepest sleeper ever and don't remember it more times than you actually do remember.

I know, I am not asleep but just pretend I am in PJ's rather than a wedding dress.

so "lift up your eyes" and think about what small things matter most to you?

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