Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our New Year's Eve.

A little late here but here is what we did on New Year's Eve.

We attended the Annual Family Olympics that Matson's family does every year. It was loads of fun and we ate lots of yummy food! Matson got to get his video games in and I got to play my card games. Leaving us both happy.

We play normal games, video games (the boys), and silly games. Like this one where we try and land our airplanes certain places!
My husband being the goober that he is totally forgot to kiss me at midnight...I know, weird especially for Mats who is usually so thoughtful (and don't think I am bagging on my hubs...really I am trying to brag about him). BUT he made up for it at 1am when we took a little drive up to see the view of Utah County and he had set back all our clocks to a little before midnight. We got to our spot where we were gonna look over the city and recounted down to midnight again. Even though we had toasted before we toasted again but this time with our plastic cups instead of goblets, shared our New Year's kiss, and had our own little firework show! So cute, thoughtful, and a special way to bring in 2012 just us two.

New Year's Toast with our Picnic Cups 

Loving my New Year's glasses I had won at a Baby Shower.

Top: The Day after New Year's we got a new furnace and thermostat (happy day, our old one was GHETTO).
Bottom: Matson even gave me this cute watch for New Year's Eve!

Overall, we had a great New Year's! Hope you all did too! Welcome 2012 and all you bring with you!


  1. Very cute!! xo


  2. stumbled across your blog and think your and your hubberz are adorable :) Loving those airplanes... I use to play with those all the time with my brothers.