Sunday, June 5, 2011


for those of you that know me i mean really know me like spent more than 72 hours with me and not just a high school math period listening to my ramblings kind of know me then you know that i make lists. yes, lists like with bullet points actually more like little boxes as the bullet points so I can check the box off once it is done and random tasks and reminders one after another and after another. i have this serious obsession with making lists. i make them every single day. more like night. every night before i go to bed i make a list of every single thing i need to do the next day. Plus, each week i make a "Week To Do" list (yes every weekly list is titled with that exact title i also kind of have a little obsession with naming every single one of my lists like "Monday To Do", "Do Before Work", or "Finish before Vacation"). Plus, I make lists in my journals, phone, and just random lists for goals, keeping track of expenses, and grocery lists. Plus, i make lists for Matson with random Saturday chores or homework/things he needs to get done for the day (these lists I make for him are not always "Honey Do" lists, but sometimes just to help him stay organized).

Ok right now all of you are either thinking, "what the heck, this chick is crazy pants about lists," or "wow, what a waste of time!"

But let me just tell you there is this huge sensation about checking something off a list, about getting something done, and then feeling totally accomplished! Matson hates it sometimes though because he says once i check one thing off i have something[s] to replace it. he is right there always is something to do, something to get done...which leads me to this list I am going to share with you.

this is not just your average erica obsessed list. this is a fun, relaxing list. a list of things i want to do this summer.

so here you go. enjoy my list, take these things i want to do and you do them too, or even better call me and we can do them together!

Erica's Summer List
  • Make homemade root beer (sugar, dry ice, water, extract exact measurements somewhere in the internet world)
  •  Run through sprinklers
  •  Have a "Change Competition" with friends: for FHE or any night have everyone walk around in the mall or somewhere for an hour to find loose change. Whoever finds the most wins!
  • Go to the Creativity Art Studio
  • Put a sprinkler under a trampoline I did this as a child and want to do it again!
  • Go to Strawberry Days, Orem Days, etc.
  • Float down the Provo River on a tube and then go another time and float down on a blow up mattress i saw some teenage girls doing this once and it looked hard and fun
  • Go on a nice drive: Nebo Loop, Alpine Loop, Provo Canyon, etc. 
  • Put goldfish in the swimming pool I know how horrible of us but my siblings and I do this every's like scuba diving in your own pool
  • Bike around Utah Lake
  • Fish on Provo River
  • Go Ice Skating
  • Pick my own berries and veggies!
  • St. George Weekend with friends or something-maybe go see Grease or Little Mermaid at the Tuacahn
  • Go Ice Skating
  • Have a Girl's Day in SLC & go to the Grand America for Afternoon Tea 
  • Play a lot of Laser Tag I need to go more and get a better score than the last time we went it was only 300.
  • Go Star Gazing with Matson
  • Make beautiful art with sidewalk chalk
  • Point of the Moutain Paragliding
  • Go on the Heber Valley Railroad (I have never been on it)
  • Try Roller Blading
  • Go to Molly's Cafe
  • Try Roller Blading for the 1st time since I was 8
  • Have a Backyard Drive Inn Movie Theatre party with friends
    • Make little cardboard boxed cars
    • Have fun little popcorn bags
    • and use my parent's huge outside screen and projector
  • Have many BBQ's
  • Have a Game Night Party with friends (Flag football, kickball, steal the flag, etc)
  • Go to an actualy drive in movie
  • Go to the Provo's Farmers Market
  • Go horseback riding
  • Sundance Moonlift Ride (once again I think I have done this for the last 4 summers and love it)
  • Go to This is the place!
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Try a new craft
  • Enjoy all of the events that are part of Provo's Freedom Festival
  • Go to as many Utah LDS Temples as possible
Well enjoy your summer and my list. 
Nice weather has finally hit my neck of the woods!


  1. I'm stealing a bunch of these ideas. especially the loose change competition!

  2. I hear little mermaid is suppose to be good. Their water shows are pretty cool. Think we could talk the hubbys into that one?

  3. Good.Chels, steal away! And Ally...Matson would just for a weekend break. and he likes shows! I think at least for me?

  4. haha yeahh it could be a fun little weekend getaway. Those are always muchly needed. I want to see little mermaid, ive seen three others there and love them all.

  5. We've got a lot of those same things on our summer to do list! So fun! (I love lists too.)