Thursday, June 23, 2011

"summery" activities

Lately Matson has been making fun of me because almost everyday I say, "let's do something summery!" Then when we are doing something "summery" is that even a word? he makes some snide comment like, "Look Erica we are doing something SUMMERY!"


we have been going on hikes not way intense we are mountaineers kind of hikes every Saturday the past few weeks. It is much more fun and a good mix up to do things outside instead of the gym. We love it and really get a good workout while enjoying nature! We have ran the Y, hiked/jogged Stewart Falls, and hiked (more like rock climbed because we do not take the real pathway) Bridal Veil Falls a couple of times. 

Here are few shots from our hikes that we thought we would share with you. Our friend, T*, has been coming along with us while his wife has been out of town for forever! And last night our brother-in-law, C*, came on a long bike ride all the way up the canyon and a rock climbing adventure.

Matson and T* taking a rest on the Y trail.

Matson thinks it is hilarious to take pictures of people while they are running so he must get one of T* at the end of every hike. Sorry T*, but here is the Y one!
On the Stewart Falls hike, there were many avalanches this year so a lot of trees were crossing the path that we had to climb on or under. There was a coupld spots full of rocks to walk over and lots of snow.

Me with the falls behind me and to the left of the falls you can see all the snow still there.
Matson and T* by the opening of the snow cave. It lead to the stream/river from the falls. People were crazy walking right over it. It could of collapsed!!
T* at the end of our Stewart Falls jog.

We are really enjoying our "summery" activities! I hope you are all too! If you have a hike suggestion for us, then comment! And come along anytime!

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