Thursday, May 19, 2011

One man's junk is another man's treatsure.

a while ago, our neighbor had some chairs outside on their lawn with a sign next to them that said $1 each. my mother and I just HAD to check these chairs out. In the random quest of being creative we purchased them. there were 4 kitchen table chairs without the table but still you could paint them and find a cool antique table to go with and one family room rocking/cushioned chair with horrible white leather-ish fabric but yet had much potential if you got some new fabric and such to spruce it up. 

then a couple weeks after that we bought some good chair fabric that would match the colors of my family room, from a cheap fabric store sorry do not remember the name of the store we decided to give the rocking/cushioned chair an extreme makeover.

then a week after that my cousin M*, who is quite crafty herself, she actually has a blog where she shares her crafty such things but I think it is private came over to my mom's and helped us pull apart this chair. All the fabric and such things hidden in this chair came off with much dust and who knows what rising in the air of the garage (such things in the chair=money ok maybe only a few cents, food, crumbs, and yuck). 

Next, we put on the new fabric. We all had never done this before so we started just wrapping the fabric onto the chair like a present almost. It was sometimes a challenge but we got pretty far all on our. 

Then we were stuck. We had gotten to the hardest part of the chair which is the top slash back of the chair. Then my Aunt C* who had done this many time before came into town one weekend and she had some time to rescue us and the chair! With her help the chair was finished! 

I wish we had a BEFORE picture of the chair, but here are the AFTER pictures of the chair so just imagine the before pictures...and if you can't do that just OOOHH and AWWW at my amazing chair that is now sitting in our little apartment as an accent chair! 

TAA-DA...the new (yet old) chair! I am still looking for a cute pillow to go on it.
Armrest. I polished the wood but kept it antique looking and we put the little pins (I totally forget what they are called) in for some fun decorative look!)
Different Angle.
  All in little crafty project. I learned a lot. It is a fun piece and just goes to show you don't need to spend lots of money to add a new piece of furniture to your home.

"One man's junk is another man's treasure."


  1. I love it, especially the fabric you chose! Nice job!!!

  2. That was so fun! What's our next project going to be?
    I'm serious, let's start a cousin's craft night!