Wednesday, March 2, 2011

potty talk.

if you can't take a little potty talk then don't read this.

so here we go. 
one word:
i have been uh...what's the word...lucky(?) enough to of been raised in a family where we are quite open about our bodily functions.
my brothers would often mid-game, mid-dinner, mid-anything say "i gotta go poo."
or often T* would say "i have the funniest thing to say...(loud fart sound)"
or my siblings and i even have a funny little saying we say having to do with it.
it is just the truth, we are who we are.
i try to not be as open about these things.
but i can't help but laugh.

this leads me to this big guy:
this was the biggest turtle i have ever seen. EVER.
he resides at Xcaret in Mexico (we were there on our honeymoon).
now picture this guy going to the bathroom.
then him and all his friends dive for the poop thinking it was food?
one of his buddies took a bite of the poop and it POOFED away.
matson and i watched this all happen, we were laughing hysterically.
the turtle ate his own poop? gross!

i swear i don't talk about these sorts of things all the time. just thought I would share a funny story.


  1. Lets be honest. It was funny, and we talk about it.....

  2. Ahaha! I think it's funny:-) My humor is just like that. And...I'm super open about that stuff too! xoxo