Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Parenting is rough. Last Saturday was the 12th and final day of watching a family of three-D*, H*, and A*. It was fun, hard, energy draining, and enjoyable. Parenting has lows and highs. There were times where Matson and I went to bed exhausted, a little frustrated and happy the day was over. Then there were other days when we were laughing with the children and making forts all night acting childish with them. It was a great experience for us both plus some good money and I would like to share some of our experiences with you. Since I am...no...more like I try to be optimistic I would like to not focus on the lows, but rather I will share some of the highs and things that kept us going.

1. After watching one of the BYU games Matson was so happy and excited! He kept saying, "Jimmer is the best!" A* replied by asking,"Why is he the best?" Matson replied back by saying, "No one can stop Jimmer!" A* replied again by saying her solution,"Maybe he is ticklish? Have they tried that? He runs up to the basket and the other team tickles him!"
2."no girls aloud"...no i am not a bad speller. i know that allowed is spelled "allowed" not "aloud". but H* doesn't and i thought his sign up on the outside of his door was hilarious. I could not help to giggle (inside of course so he wouldn't feel bad) every single time I walked by. I feel bad now, I probably should of told him he spelled it wrong, but oh well!

3. A* said, "My old teacher is nice and all, but she has a hairdo from the 16's." i think she meant to say from the 60's.
4. "the orange VitaRain has too much energy in it to drink...so we aren't allowed to" but really...does one vitarain drink have more energy than another? and enough to make difference on an 8 year old kid? Maybe. I don't know.
5. "MISS MISS MISS MISS!!" this is what A* yelled VERY LOUD at the opposing team at Matson's basketball games. Every single time she yelled they missed except like once. it was hilarious and we all loved it since it was such a close game! Lamest thing about this=the opposing team had a little possy of wives supporting their husbands. One of the women said (under her breath but loud enough so I could hear it), "WOW...shut up!" It made me so mad and I am not even A*'s mom. She was just having fun! If miss poopy possy pants is reading this (even though she definitely isn't) I would just like you to let loose and let a child have some fun cheering at a game.
6. One night we were talking about animals for some reason and with the most serious voice and not one bit of sarcasm we heard, "Unicorns are real. They live." Matson and I looked at each other laughing, knowing that she really did believe that.
7. One night we went to dinner with the kids and the restaurant had TV's in it. The BYU game was on and D* asked Matson why Brandon Davies could not play. Matson replied by just saying he sinned and needed to repent. D* then asked again wanting the real answer, he told Matson that he had had the "Birds and the Bees" talk but A* had not. Matson whispered the answer to D*. A* then got mad and in all seriousness said, "I do not need to have the Birds and the Bees talk. I already know about nature. Flowers grow and animals live there...."


  1. Haha, unicorns are real... that's awesome.

  2. I love this post....too cute!