Thursday, June 26, 2014


Don't you just love my post title? I always think it is so funny when people announce they are pregnant on their blog and they title it "Big News" because before anyone even presses on it, the readers already know what you are going to say. So instead of doing that, I just decided to be up front and obvious about it.

I am pregnant! And thrilled!

So here's the whole story of how we found out and the beginning events of my pregnancy. This is more for my memory than anyone else's, so if you get offended by excited, pregnant ladies or don't like TMI types of stories...I would suggest you just X out and I will see you next time!

ANYWAY, as I wrote in my last post, I went up to Oregon to help my grandparents move in early April. For a week my mom and I organized, climbed through small attics, cleaned out, trashed junk, lifted many boxes, and much more. The whole time we were there I kept having to take breaks - for getting tired and for eating. I have always been one that needs little breaks and such for food, but I was seriously hungry. I just thought I was working a lot and needed more energy...little did I know. Matson, my brother, and sister in law met us up in Oregon at the end of our week to help us move all the big furniture and then drive the U-Haul down to Utah.

Matson and I decided we would drive the U-Haul back to Utah the whole way while everyone else drove back in the Suburban that my mom and I drove up to Oregon in. In that little U-Haul let's just say I had some rather smelly gas. They were as most people refer to them as... "silent but deadly" and Matson was getting rather sick of it. I don't blame him, they were bad. I was plugging my own nose. Haha. He looked over at me and said, "Wow! What is wrong with you? You either ate something so bad or you're pregnant!" Once he said the word pregnant, I deep down inside of me knew it. I just knew it. I was so gassy, unlike ever before and I hadn't eaten anything that bad.

The next day when we got home, I bought a couple pregnancy tests on my way home from work. I hate buying pregnancy tests or tampons or anything like that in the middle of busy dinnertime grocery shopping. So I chose something else to purchase at the grocery store to cover up the pregnancy tests. I think it was a pack of Red Vines. I took the test as soon as I got home. {Ahem} I peed on a stick, waited a little bit in the bathroom, and then it came up positive. I walked out into our family room of our apartment and said to Matson, "Yep, I am pregnant!" He instantly covered his face with a blanket and I could hear him smiling and giggling like a little boy. As soon as his giggle fest ended, he came out of the blanket and said, "I don't believe it! Take more." SOOOOO I took two more tests that night and one the next morning just to make sure, even though we both already knew it. After all the tests, he finally believed me and I called the doctor to make my first appointment.


Last week we announced our pregnancy via social media and I cannot thank everyone enough for all the kind comments and likes. It probably seems so lame to be thanking you for liking my picture, but honestly it all means so much. To be honest, before we posted the announcement I didn't want to. Matson woke me up that day and told me that he couldn't wait any longer and that we needed to just tell everyone. For some reason I just was nervous that as soon as I tell everyone that something may happen. The beginning weeks of pregnancy is like walking on thin ice. I feel like at any moment that thin ice will crack, everything is so delicate and such a miracle. I just can't wait to figure out the sex of our baby and feel the baby. That will make it all seem so much more real.

We told our families very early on and some close friends early as well...Matson needs someone to be able to tell so I gave him the thumbs up on a few friends. Haha. Let's just say Matson is the worst secret keeper of exciting/happy news.

Luckily for me, I haven't been sick at all. {This is not to brag or complain...but just to help me remember my symptoms} From the time I found out I was pregnant until about Week 10 I slept so much. I took naps after work, I would just fall asleep all over the place and I went to bed before midnight for the first time since high school. I never go to bed early and it's very unlike me. I literally would crash on the couch around 11, when we normally don't go to bed until after midnight or one. I was ALWAYS tired. At 12 weeks, the nauseous feeling when I don't eat every couple of hours started and I also started breaking out all over my face. So next time you see me, do me a favor and just don't look at my face. Ha joking. But I will take the tiredness, slight nausea, and break outs over the sickness and throwing up.

We are so excited, blessed, and are feeling every emotion that soon to be first time parents feel.

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  1. Seriously, I'm so excited for you guys!! You'll be amazing parents :)