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Highlight Reel | August 2013 - May 2014

There is no way that I will ever be able to catch you up on everything that has happened during my blogging hiatus. So instead I am going to do this highlight post (think of it like a highlight reel - but BLOGGING STYLE). WARNING: It might get long and wordy so if you wanna just skip this post, that's all good. I will see you next time!

The last time I blogged was in early August of 2013 so just a quick catch up form then month by month.

August 2013 - Matson and I walked even though we both didn't really finish school until December of 2013. Went to Las Vegas for a quick trip with friends before school started. Best idea was our last taste of freedom.

September 2013 - I started my very last semester at BYU by teaching at Spring Creek Elementary in Provo School District for 6 weeks. I was in 6th grade which totally sucked (they really do need to wear some deodorant), but I learned so much which was the best. Matson and I also watched some of our favorite little kiddos for the last week in September while their parents went out of town. We had a blast with the kids and even had a "Drive In Movie Night" inside. It was the cutest, the kids loved it, and they literally sat in their cars (made from boxes) the whole movie. Their baby is just the sweetest, happiest, most perfect little baby...I wouldn't mind have a baby just like him! At the very end of the month, I think the last day, I started my student teaching at a school in Nebo School District named Mt. Loafer Elementary. I taught in 4th grade. Best thing ever! I also turned 23!

My last FIRST day of school
Inside Drive In Movie
BEST baby in the world!
October 2013 - We watched another one of our favorite families when their parents went out of town again. We always have a blast with the B* family kiddos. HALLOWEEN. Matson and I were Katniss and Gale (he didn't want to be Peeta...whatever) from The Hunger Games for Halloween. We both love the books and the movies, so we figured it would be fun and easy enough. But the very best was on Halloween for school I dressed up as an old lady. It was one of my best costumes EVER. No one recognized me and my students loved it.

Us (in our Hunger Games costumes) with the B* kiddos at a Halloween Party. 
My attractive Halloween costume. Definitely one of my best yet.
November 2013 - We watched my nanny family kiddos while their parents went out of town (I know we just love watching families, it is the best experience and practice for us).

STUDENT TEACHING/HOW I GOT MY JOB. Anyway, in November I was just sooo busy with my student teaching. I focused so much on them and I was fortunate enough to work with two teachers. One in the morning who taught all literacy and one in the afternoon who taught math, science, and social studies. They both are incredibly strong teachers because they focus on their subjects so I learned from the best of the best for every subject and was able to grow sooo much. In mid November I started looking for jobs that were opening up mid-year. I was mostly looking in Provo School District because that is where all the mid-year job openings were. A neighboring school in Nebo School District was apparently looking for a teacher to take the place of a 4th grade intern teacher who was quitting mid year. The school's facilitator, Leslie, came and watched me teach in my student teaching class and then told me she and the school's principal would love to meet with me! So later that week I met with them and that Friday night I got a call from the principal, Kali, and was offered the job! Matson and I were thrilled. As soon as I found out I got my job, I got right to work. BYU allowed me to end my student teaching early and somewhat graduate a month early kind of. That way I could focus on MY class not, someone else's class. I had lots to do - deciding what my classroom would need, look like, and all that jazz. My mom, Matson, and Leslie were so nice to help me over Thanksgiving Break to set up my class room.

December 2013 - And on December 2nd I started my first day of REAL teaching. I wasn't necessarily nervous, I just wanted the kids to like me. That sounds so nerdy, but honestly I just wanted them to love me and each other. I treated December 2nd like it was the first day of school back in August. The teacher that taught them before me was very different so I started over from scratch in December. Call me nuts, but I had to make sure that I was comfortable in my own classroom and that things would work me for the rest of the year so that the students could succeed. December was also full of fun holiday festivities. We had our annual Christmas party with friends and Mats and I made our best gingerbread house yet! We enjoyed the Christmas season so much and found out on Little Christmas Eve. that my brother and sister in law were pregnant. We were ecstatic! Another niece or nephew (which we now know is a niece!).

January 2014 - We took our nephew, B*, to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. He loved it and we loved taking him there. A good family friend and my dad's father figure throughout his life passed away. We will miss you Warren!

B* on a quest to get T-Rex!
February 2014 - Celebrated Matson's 26th birthday! He is feeling old! At the end of the month, we found out at my brother and sis in law's Gender Reveal party that they are having a girl! So excited for August (maybe late July) to come!

March 2014 - Our good friends from Texas came into town and we got to spend time with them! Matson and my brother's basketball team won the WHOLE city league tournament! It was so intense and fun to watch the games this year. Matson probably gets terribly embarrassed from all my screaming and cheering, but no one is worse than my dad cheering for them.

City League Champions!
April 2014 - We watched the B* family, which was so much fun. We only had the two youngest so we got to spoil them and just play, play, play! After years and even months of trying to convince my grandparents to move down to Utah from Oregon, they finally caved in! I spent my spring break off from school up there helping my mom get them all packed up and ready to move. And after DECADES of living there, there was a lot to got through. (I will write a post more about the move later...lots of funny stories).

Matson and the B* kiddos playing around at the grocery store!
May 2014 - I cut off 12 inches of my hair and donated it to Locks of Love (no tears), had a wonderful Memorial Day with my family and husband, enjoyed the last week of school, and sadly (with tears) said goodbye to my 4th grade class. My class was so sweet and decorated my car on the last day of school and brought me many gifts. Also, 2 minutes before the FINAL bell rang on the LAST day of school one of the boys in my class yelled, "Group Hug!" and my whole class ran into the center of our classroom and hugged each other. It was the sweetest thing and that's when the tears started. Man, I love those kids.

New haircut. So weird to get use to.
My class and I the last week of school.
DONE! Wellp, there you go. That is the best update I could get to you in like 30 minutes of writing!

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