Monday, January 21, 2013


Give me a little bit of a break this week as I try to catch up on some blogging and what we have done the last month. Starting off with CHRISTMAS! I have this word that I use all the time in the month of December that I am ssssurrrre Matson gets very sick of hearing...

The word is: Christmas-y

...Yes, Christmas-y.

...I say things like, "Matson, let's do something Christmas-y" or "This decoration just feels so Christmas-y" or "Man, these snowflakes are so Christmas-y"...ok, you get the point.

So here are some of the Christmas-y things we did.

A Christmas concert at Thanksgiving Pointe.
Many nights ended like this over the break. Snuggling in the warmth and
falling asleep to a Christmas movie by the Christmas tree with hot cocoa.
One of my little primary students gave me all these yummy treats! So cute.
Santa worked with the Easter Bunny and hid our stockings this year all around the house.
A really bad self timed iPhone pic on Christmas Eve in our PJ's. 
Cleaning off loads of snow with one of his gift I gave him for Christmas.
Our happy nephew on Christmas.
Overall one of our favorite things was spending time with our people whether it be just watching a movie, playing games, or snuggling with each other made it the best! Plus, the white white white (snow) everywhere was awesome and veeeRRRyy Christmas-y.

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