Saturday, January 26, 2013

Downhill Backwards

A couple weekends ago we went sledding with some friends of ours. We love sledding and get rather into it. We got all our snow gear on and headed to Rock Canyon bowl, which is THE place to sled. I am talking groups and groups of college/high school kids sledding on whatever they find...cardboard, ice coolers, mattresses, and couches. We were unoriginal and just brought sleds.

Sledding brings out Matson's daredevil side (along with any other physical activity or motorized vehicle). We all had our own sled and went down a few times individually. Matson lost his hat and boot. Then Matson wanted us to all get in a chain and go down backwards. The whole rest of our sledding time we could only go backwards. It made it more exciting, I guess.

Every run ended with us tangled up or pig piled on top of each other and laughing hysterically, which made for a good time. 

We ended our night with hot cocoa and Matson forcing our friends to watch his favorite movie Uncle Buck. If you haven't seen it, you should go rent it uh..I don't think there is any place to do the verb of "renting a movie"...So I mean, buy it or TiVo it.  

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