Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Annual Christmas Party 2012

Every year we have a Christmas party where we invite our friends and kick off our Christmas break from school the right way. This year was no different, so last weekend we had our annual Christmas party. We ate yummy in my opinion, it was yummy food, played a variety of games, had a gingerbread house competition, a Christmas photo booth, white elephant gift exchange, and a lot of fun chit chatting with friends!

Favorites from the night would be:

  • Matson and I completely failed at gingerbread house making. First, I pull out the icing pack out of our packaged gingerbread house kit or in other words a "no effort necessary" gingerbread house and I had to actually make the frosting, I am talking like go add water and mix it all up ok, call me lazy. So I was ticked. Fail number uno. THEN, I pull the gingerbread house pieces out and I break a piece. Double fail. But I still had faith in our skills. Lastly we gave up completely once our roof was just sliding off like 10 times in a row. So we made an awesome pants roof (made from Frosted Mini Wheats) with no house underneath it. Triple fail.
  • Reading the guesses people guessed on how many peppermints were in a small jar. There were 38 and I read votes of 16 all the way up to 90. Why was that so funny to me, especially when I am the worst at guessing things like that too?
  • When our friend J* opened his white elephant gift thing it was a Star Wars lightsaber and whipping it out in the air to then find out it was not a lightsaber, but a set of airport ramp agent/worker flashlight wands. You know what I am talking about...those were a hit!
  • The guys won Couches way too many times (an awesome highly competitive, memory like game between the ladies and gents). It never gets old when someone messes up a name or yells out a name that isn't even in the bunch.
I failed at taking pictures of the night, we were just doing too many activities! I mean I didn't even get a picture of our gingerbread house fail. The night was super fun and we look forward to next year's party!

The winners, my bro and sis in law, of the Gingerbread House Competition 
Our friends the H*'s won best roof (sorry you can't even really see the roof). 

Christmas Party Photo Props: Oh Happy Day!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! After many years of gingerbread house fails with my kids where it all just falls apart, we have started hot glueing the house and then putting the candy and things on with the icing. It makes the house so sturdy and it's not like we ever eat it anyways :)