Monday, April 23, 2012

1 Day Road Trip

On Sunday, April 1st, my family and I decided to head up to Twin Falls, Idaho to visit Grandma and Grandpa! Even N*, my little sister's boyfriend, came with us. So that was fun to get to know him better on the car ride. We played a lot of Name That Tune and trivia in the car, which was fun! But the stinkiest part was that there was no radio connection, which meant we could not listen to General Conference (I am now slowly watching it - 1 talk a night, which makes it even better because General Conference is lasting a long time and I am listening a lot better!).

My grandma and grandpa live in Portland, Oregon and we have not seen them since last May. They flew to Idaho to go to my grandma's sister's (or my great aunt's) 80th birthday party. We decided that since Twin Falls is only a couple hours away and Portland is a lot farther away, that we would go to Twin Falls to see them!

My Grandma and her sister J*.
All of us with Grandma and Grandpa!
(Matson couldn't come because he had a huge Calculus Final
the next day that he needed to study and focus on).

Me with Grandpa and Grandma! I know this is dumb, but I felt so
dumb taking pictures by myself all day. I needed Matson there with me :(

It was such a great visit and I got to ask them a few more of my questions I have had for them that I have been asking them the last few times I have seen them. Every time we say goodbye to them I get so sad and I can't wait to see them again!

Before heading home, my Mom wanted us all to stop and see one of the famous things in Twin Falls called Shoshone Falls. It was impossible to get a good picture of myself there with the crazy wind. You'll get a kick out of my crazy hair shots. I was laughing so hard when I realized I did not get one good picture of me there.

Yep, not looking so good. EEK.

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  1. Wish I could have gone! My kids all had school- spring break was the following week, but apparently no one works around my schedule. JK!

    You should call Grandma and Grandpa and ask them your questions. They love the calls! Grandma would talk for hours if you have the time. :)