Friday, January 14, 2011

horoscopes: to believe or not to believe.

i am not one of those people into horoscopes. i find them to actually be quite hilarious. the last seventeen magazine addition i read (yes, i read seventeen magazine. my grandmother bought my sister and i a subscription to it years ago and she just keeps renewing it. they get sent to my parent's house now so i don't see them much but there have been many great stories of reading them. both good/weird information on workouts & health, sometimes cute outfit ideas, sometimes horrible outfit ideas, and there have been numerous hilarious sessions of laughing at the girls in "tramaurama") something along the lines of, "you will grab the spotlight...and you've got creativity to spare." I am not creative and there was not any spotlight time that had recently occurred or in the future. therefore that horoscope was lame. like most.

Anyway before Christmas Matson and I were up in SLC at Gateway Mall where we walked in Anthro and shopped around for awhile. Matson was into Anthro's amazing store layout and displays. They are amazing, anyone else agree? Look at these:

Hello sweetest milk gallon snow globe!
Hey there, sweet ornament chaos!

Bonjour flowers made from  crazy bent books!
Honestly, who is the creator and designer behind all of these and where can I get her number? Find out and tell me. Seriously. I want them to decorate my future dream home out of junk from D.I.!! Cheap and amazingly creative. You will all envy my sweet Anthro designed home. 

SOOOO back to the point. We came across this book with horoscope like-ish things for each person's birthday. Read mine:

 After I read this I felt like a lot of what I read was true...I promise I am not trying to flatter myself here. I just felt like for the first time one of my horoscopes was halfway correct. I am somewhat energetic, strong willed, and I guess it is true I have always been the leader type. I like "entertainments"...if that means movies, shows, musicals, concerts, etc. then YES! AND yes, I would think that most my friends are quite gay as in happy and vivacious as in animated, then YES!


I think Matson's is pretty close to him too. Although not many people know this about Matson...he really does love art and music. He appreciates it much more than I do. He also is quite popular...he knows everyone at the gym and a half hour workout takes 2 hours due to the fact that after one rep he has to talk to someone!

Moral of the Story: Horoscopes aren't that bad. 


  1. i actually read a news article the other week about how the horoscope dates have changed.. crazy stuff!