Thursday, January 6, 2011

big news at our house!

what's the big news? nope, no baby. but still really big news! Matson FINALLY got into BYU! If you know Matson then you know that this has been a big goal of his for a long time and he can now finally check it off his goal list. The 5th time was the charm! He was super excited, but I was even more SUPER DUPER excited. I seriously am so happy to have him reach his goal and be able to see him morme during the day! He found out the night before classes so he shaved and signed up for classes quite fast! Now after the first couple days of school his excitement has already turned to stress and craziness.

To celebrate after his first day of school at BYU his family and us went to Outback!
Outback Dinner...look Matson shaved. So weird!


  1. I'm so happy for you Matson! That's awesome!

  2. Hi! I just hopped over from MiM, and I wanted to say that your blog is so cute!