Monday, December 20, 2010


i love traditions. i am such a tradition keeper. ask matson. ask my mom. years past my parents have mentioned things like going out of town or to a warm place on christmas. and i just could not let that go down! i love christmas and the traditions that go with it. traditions bring tears to my eyes, not only tears of happiness and joy but also tears of GREAT sadness if we did not do them. my family has many that i am so exciting to share with matson this year for the first time like christmas pj's, games, and the big morning ordeal with a huge breakfast and hours of opening one gift at a time. and i am also excited to participate in matson's family traditions like mexican food on christmas and christmas carols (this is something new for me because if my family sang carols my dad would probably make that a horrible experience for my mother who does not enjoy my dad's voice that isn't too offense dad). matson and i have started a few of our own traditions and i am sure we will start more as time comes. but one tradition we started last year when we were dating is temple square.

matson and i went to temple square last year. and took a picture by this tree.
 and we went this year again. and took a picture by this tree again (well at least i did).
We love going to Temple Square and will make it a tradition forever for our family!
Merry Christmas! Have fun continuing your Christmas Traditions!

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  1. You guys are so cute! I wish we lived by temple square!!! I love traditions too...we do the pj's and take turns with the christmas presents too! I love that one cause it makes Christmas morning last so much longer! Hope you guys have a great 1st Christmas together! :)