Monday, December 6, 2010

snowflakes falling.

snowflakes are falling. no not the real kind of snowflakes, i am talking about these cute sparkly decorative snowflakes i bought from target and sam's club this year. they are around our apartment hung up like this:
the cute snowflakes hanging above my kitchen sink. 
but one evil area of my kitchen is not so cute. well it is more like the scotch tape is not doing its job. i hung them up last tuesday, throughout the week one would fall down one day and i would just tape it up again. then the next day another one would fall down, and another. Then one day came when ALL five fell down. so i grabbed the duct tape and duct taped them on up there (yes it was a little ugs since you could see some silver tape), but i did it.

then matson and i were watching some mormon message videos (go watch them, i will post about them soon) and slowly we heard them each falling down. you know that tape ripping off sound? yeah we heard that...a couple of times. by the end of watching our videos we came in and saw this:
they had all fallen down except....
our little one was left hanging alone.
so i need some advice. anyone got some ideas on how to keep my cute snowflakes from falling? because obviously Mr. Scotch did not come up with good tape, nor did the ducks at the duct tape factory. so....any advice? opinions? comments? .....jokes?


  1. What about push pins?

    I don't know if that will work or not. I have no respect for the walls in my apartment. there are holes all over the place! haha

  2. mmmm push pins. That ought to do the trick. smart....

  3. LOVE the decorations! We should do a craft night! ha :)

  4. they have the small "command" hooks at walmart....
    they dont damage anything your just pull the little sticky tab when your are done. we use tons of these!