Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Baby Boy's Shower

One Month! My due date is in one month away from today exactly. Cue the explosives. Mind blown.

I think back to the day that I found out that I was pregnant and it feels like a long time ago. But then again it doesn't. This pregnancy has flown by so quickly for me. I feel like I have so much to get done before he arrives and not enough time to do it. I swear most first time moms have their nurseries decorated, hospital bags packed, and have accomplished all their baby book reading months before their due date. I on the other hand just barely started working on the nursery decor, haven't even thought about a hospital bag, and am on the second chapter of one of the baby books I want to read (I should probably just realize now that I am only going to read one or maybe even just half of one of the many suggested to me).

In other words, I was feeling soooo unprepared until my baby showers! Two weeks ago my mom's friends from the ward I grew up in threw me the nicest luncheon shower! I was gifted the cutest things! And last week I was showered with love by our friends and family at a baby shower thrown by my sisters. It was literally the cutest little boy shower I have ever been to! I left the shower feeling so loved. I already have this Mother Hen feeling where I just want everyone to love our little baby boy and at the end of the night I really did feel so loved and that everyone is just as excited for him to come as I am.

The shower was adorable! I am so grateful, happy, and now just anxious to get organizing/nesting!
The invites made by my talented and very artsy sis-in-law!
She also did the calligraphy on the envelopes.
The cute napkin/plastic ware bowties! 

They had baby pictures of Matson & I all over!

This is the ONLY picture I got of the diaper cake my sis-in-law made me!
Matson and I both are obsessed with the football beanie she had made for the top!
So much so that Matson buckled him in for the ride home. Safety first!
I wish I had a picture of the clothes line hanging from the mantel behind us! It was so cute - they hung the most adorable little clothes, bib, and shoes from it!

Thank you so much. I meant the world to me to everyone that came and especially to my sisters and mama for all that they did! 

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