Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was fun this year! We didn't really have any parties or plans, so we just did whatever we wanted! A couple nights before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. Instead of doing two separate ones, we joined forces and made this little skeleton man! He turned out pretty good! And good thing we carved him only a couple days before Halloween because he literally fell apart the morning after Halloween. He was nice and soft...

This was our first year with a house on Halloween. Matson was very excited to answer the door for trick or treaters. We weren't home very long before we left to visit our family, but he still had fun answering the door. We were home less than an hour and had a good amount of trick or treaters! When we left, Matson thought it would be hilarious to leave candy on the porch. I thought it was dumb because one teenage kid would just take it all anyway, but Matson did it anyway. I was nice and left a sign on the door that said "Sorry we are out at a Halloween party!", so that a kid wouldn't just sit and ring the doorbell forever.

Matson and I get very into our costumes every year...well at least for a couple with no children and no big party to go to. This year was no exception. I started thinking about Halloween back in August and Matson told me that he wanted to choose what we were gonna be. He told me what he wanted and I started getting to work. After trying for some time to find what he wanted and to try and make my outfit that goes along with what he wanted to work...PLUS, I am prego. I don't think there will be that many Halloween's when I am 7 months pregnant.

So after my sister gave me a good prego costume idea, I gave up. It was so hard and I literally need like a whole year to prep for Matson's epic costume idea (look to next year's Halloween blog post to see what we end up being...I might give again but I think Matson would kill me so we will probably end up being what he wants). Anyway, we were Chuck Noland and Wilson the Volleyball from the movie Cast Away.

It was fun to make the costumes and then on Halloween we spent time with our little nephew trick or treating and then also eating my mama's homemade chili and watching Forensic Files with my sister, her husband, and my parents. My cute little niece was the most adorable scuba diver. It was the perfect costume for her because she loooooves her pacifier and so her pacifier was part of her costume as the thing scuba people breathe through (I have no idea what they are called...probably something as simple as a "mouth piece"). Our nephew was Thor and was the cutest little trick or treater. He would just drop his bucket on the porch, step back, and say thank you as he walked away.

Baby A* wouldn't look at the camera, so Matson mimicked her in this pick. All dress up in her cute scuba costume!

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