Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our 4th of July 2014

Our 4th of July was filled with family. We loved it. Thursday night (the 3rd) we went to the Freedom Festival booths with my sis and bro-in-law. We ate some pretty yummy food before walking around the booths.

After that I had to teach my gym class then we went to Matson's parent's house for some fireworks with his family. Our nephew was a bit scared of the fireworks but started warming up towards the end by shouting, "Green!" anytime a firework went off. He was getting his colors a little mixed up, everything was green.

We hurried home to bed because the morning of the 4th started with an alarm going off at 5:30 in the morning. Matson was exhausted so we snoozed until 6. Then we hurried and got up to head to the balloon festival with Matson's sister's family. We love going to this every year. No matter how early it is and no matter how crowded it is AND no matter how tired it makes us the rest of the day, it just has that 4th of July feeling. Plus, the 4th of July wouldn't be the same without PACKING it tight full of activities! We watched the balloons blow up and then go up into the sky.

After the balloons, we went to breakfast with Matson's family (everyone but his older sister and husband who were out of town sadly). We seemed to get to Magelby's Fresh right on time before the crowds started rolling in. Breakfast conversation was all about what we all thought our little one would be...boy or girl? K* thinks it is a girl, Mama C* thinks a boy, C* thinks a boy, and Matson's Dad never really said. They always ask us about what names we like and we usually change the subject. This time Matson didn't though. We told them some of our ideas, hoping that they don't all steal them for their own. Haha. Our top name combo they all seemed to like and Matson is 100% sure that will be our baby's name........unless it is a girl. Ha. If it's a girl...we are screwed. No name ideas there. We will take any suggestions.

After breakfast I headed to the parade with N* where we had reserved seats that Dad got from his work. The rest of my family rode their bikes down to the parade and met us there. Surprisingly the parking down by 800/900 east wasn't that bad! We all went to the freedom festival booths, shared some chips, and then N* and I walked back to our car. Which took like 30 minutes of sweat dripping down our backs and poor N* as she is in her last month of pregnancy. I wish someone would have  seen us both walking through someone's sprinklers who were going off. Haha so refreshing.

The family at the Provo 4th of July Parade
We headed to Hokulia and I got my FIRST shaved ice of the summer. My brother came into town from California. We then headed home to swim, play pickleball, and pool volleyball. The best, relaxing, and fun afternoon by the pool. Grandma and Grandpa came over for 4th of July dinner!

Lastly, we went to Stadium of Fire. It was quite the show. Carrie Underwood was amazing, of course. She has an unbelievable voice and is so personable. The firework show (and music that went along with it) were perfect! I loved it!

Our day was JAM PACKED. But that is the way the 4th should be. Matson and I got home around 1:00-ish and were exhausted!

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