Friday, July 12, 2013

Winter Semester - 5th Grade

Hey there, it has been a while. I am finally back to blogging after a long hiatus. We have just been so busy and caught up in all the summer fun! So give me a little while as I try to catch up on the past few months. Starting with school...

This past winter semester in school I did my 2nd practicum (like a mini student teaching experience for a month) in 5th grade. I was so nervous to enter into that 5th grade classroom but by recess that day my mind had changed. 10/11 year old girls were not only walking up to my friend Ashley and I to just compliment us and get us to like them, but they were also pretty much pole dancing on these poles at the playground except they didn't name it pole dancing. They were totally oblivious to the whole pole dancing thing but it was hilarious and it was quite entertaining to me. You may call me the worst person in the world for finding humor in 5th grade pole dancing (that isn't really intended to be pole dancing), but if you saw them doing it you would laugh too. Below is a video of Ashley (Mrs. Hulme) trying "pole dancing". Haha.

I was there a month and I had a wonderful experience. Teaching math was a little intimidating especially when you get done teaching a whole lesson and then the students are looking right back at you with the most blank faces. Scariest faces ever. My favorite thing to teach was guided reading. With my group, we read two of my favorites Stargirl and Crash which are both by Jerry Spinelli. I made them cute matching bookmark schedules for each book. For Crash, I also gave them a "Crash Bag" which is a bag that they took home to find things that relate to the book.

On our last day they were all so sad and gave us the sweetest parting gift of hand written notes. Ashley and I gave them little gifts like "Smartie Pants" and fun pencils since they all seemed to struggle with keeping a sharpened pencil. (Copy & Print the "You're So SHARP" here) As we were walking out the door we had a hug train where all the kids stood in a line and each hugged us. So sweet. Moral of the story: 5th graders aren't THAT bad. They are just like my kindergarteners from last semester just a lot smarter and a little more smelly. Haha.

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