Saturday, July 13, 2013

April 2013 - Runia Famliy

In April we watched the cutest little family while their parents went out of town for a week. Matson and I have done this many times before but this was our first time with a baby. They have four children under 7 and it was challenging but so much fun. This sitting job had some firsts for Matson: first diaper change EVER, first blowout diaper change, first time being peed on, and both our first times experiencing a sick baby not being able to sleep through the night (I am talking about waking up every 15 minutes starting at 2am). That probably means nothing to you super moms out there but it was very tiring for us. And just like you moms, it didn't matter because his little giggles and smiles somehow made you forget that sleepless night before.

I am either the WORST babysitter in the world or a genius.
She refused diaper changes until I whipped out the iPad.
Some stand out experiences from watching this family were the weekend mornings when the kids would wake up so early and come running into our bed. Those little feet walking down the hallway at 6:30 am were probably the worst sounding alarm clock ever. DOOM. So early, but we would turn on a classic Disney movie and all snuggle together. And that was the best, cutest times with this family. Another favorite for the kids was when we went to Provo Beach Resort and the Dinosaur Museum. They loved it. Every time Piper saw a dinosaur she would say, "WHOA! Big! Rawr!"
Mid-week Coldstone trip!
Early morning wake up call.
Cupake decorating, painting, and bath time!
Mini Bowling at Provo Beach Resort. Piper's smile kills me!
Playing with the "Rawrs" (dinosaurs)
Although we had loads of fun, Matson and I did have to do our own discipline plan. We called them "Strikes". The kids had to work together to get them and get them taken away. If they hit 5 strikes then they wouldn't be able to do all the fun things we had planned. It worked like a charm because in the middle of fights or little tantrums you would hear one sibling say to the other, "Stop because we are going to get another stirke!" It helped the kids all work together to be good!

A huge accomplishment was making it through church with them. After sacrament meeting ended, Matson and I literally applauded ourselves. Matson fell asleep with little Thys during church out in the hallway. I couldn't tell which boy was more tired, Matson or Thys? It was too cute.

All the work was so much fun and a wonderful experience for us. We got to experience just a little bit of what we hope our future holds for us. Thanks Runia kiddos!!

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