Friday, March 29, 2013

Sweatshirt Remake

A couple weeks ago my sister and I decided to have a sister craft night. For this craft night we remade your everyday sweatshirt into something a little more special.

Sweatshirt #1 - This was my sister's sweatshirt. She added a leopard fabric collar and hearts on the elbows. HOW TO: 1. Cut out the shapes you want to add to your sweatshirt. 2. Pin the shapes onto the sweatshirt where you want them placed. 3. Then sew around the edges of them onto the sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt #2 - This was the sweatshirt I made for Matson. I changed the drawstring and changed the pocket from normal fabric to an old sweater. HOW TO: 1. Place your old sweater or other fabric on top of the sweatshirt's pocket. 2. Trace the sweatshirt's pocket onto the new fabric (or old sweater you're using for the pocket). Make sure to add about a 1/2 inch (at the least) for seam allowance. 3. Pin the new fabric (or old sweater) on top of the sweatshirt's pocket. 4. Sew the sweater just on top of the pocket. Which is a lot easier than taking off the old pocket, plus it makes the pocket stronger. 5. If your fabric is thick (like my old recycled sweater was), you may need a set of extra hands to feed in the sweater as you sew. 6. Remove the sweatshirt's normal drawstring and rethread a rope through the sweatshirt hood.

Sweatshirt #3 - This was my pocket sweatshirt and the simplest to make by far. HOW TO: 1. Find a pocket on a shirt that you like. 2. Trace that pocket shape onto a piece of paper or directly onto your fabric. Make sure to add about 1/4 to 1/2 inch for seam allowance. 3. Cut out your pocket. 4. Pin your pocket onto your sweatshirt wherever you want it placed. 5. Sew the pocket on. Obviously do not sew the top of the pocket so it is a functioning pocket.

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