Monday, March 25, 2013

Missionary Times Two

Matson's little brother got his LDS mission call. We had a little opening of his call party where everyone guessed on a map where he was going. I think I guessed he would go to Guatemala. WAY off because he will be going to New Jersey in July!

One of my good friends left on her mission a little while ago. Her farewell talk was so her and so good. She couldn't decide if going on a mission was right for her, but I remember when she told me a long time ago and I knew it was so right for her! She is already out (and has been for a month...shows you how behind on blogging I am) and I receive her weekly emails. They are hilarious and she sounds like she is doing so good!

The week before she left, she was over booked with all
her friends wanting some time with her!
So nice of her to spend some time with me on Valentine's Day getting pedicures!
Farewell Day.
The night before she left...excuse my dance class attire.

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