Monday, November 22, 2010

he was injured...injured bad.

This was the first day. It is much worse. Poor guy.
over a week ago, matson pulled/tore/ripped his HAMSTRING when playing flag football. it has been quite the hardship for him this past week because:
a. he can't go to the gym (he went a few times this week but just did arm work outs, this is a hardship for me is well...because he isn't there pushing me)
b. he can't go to Monday night basketball with the guys
c. he can't get comfortable to fall asleep
d. he walks super slower than everyone else (i think this is much more of a hardship for me than him as well, i freeze my bum off walking slow and waiting for him)
e. he can't bend down to put his own socks on

OVERALL: he is not doing the best, but it is getting better.

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