Friday, September 24, 2010

100% Belated Birthday

This is 100% belated! BUTTTT it is still a thoughtful post. My mother's birthday was last week, September 15th. I love her so much and I cannot even begin to tell you all that she has and STILL does for me! I am married and I still get cute treats, notes, or fruit on my door! Since Matson & I have been married my mom's thoughtfulness has been magnified even more than before. She has helped me decorate our apartment, told me recipes or baking advice over the phone, sewed a kitchen cafe curtain for me, and has even shared bananas from Costco cause we both are only food shopping for two and those bananas just brown waaaay too fast and both our husbands must be sick of banana bread so now we share! I have so much to learn from this lady. She is the neatest lady cook, the best baker, best gardener, best advice giver, best interior designer, best mom, best hostess, best friend, best wife, and just best everything! This makes it sound like I am selling her....BUT i am not she is ALL mine & I am so LUCKY!
Matson & Sista A super pumped to be celebrating Mom's Bday!

The Birthday Girl & I at her Birthday Dinner.

Advice Needed: So I am fortunate to share September birthday month with my Mom. My birthday is coming up next week. Anybody have some advice on what to do for my birthday? And where is a fun restaurant I could choose to go eat for my birthday dinner(In Utah County)? Leave a comment below :)

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  1. your mom really is the best. she always does the cutest things.. even when I was a little girl that I remember.

    hope you are loving married life! you need to post pics of your new apt!!