Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1 month anniversary

yipee for me!
well i guess...yipee for us!
today marks one month since matson and i were sealed. i will never forget that day and how special & fun it was! i hate to be so PDA but i already love matson so much more than our wedding day, i can't even imagine how much i will love him when we are sitting on our lazy boy chairs with dentures in our teeth, while watching our grandchildren play with their paper thin i-pods at age 91. well if matson is reading this...i love you mats & life is so much better with you in it! 
us by our "gift car" at our reception


  1. congrats you two! I hope you had a fun day and celebrated just a little bit. When Cody and I were first married, I would give him a little present on each month of first year. It was fun to celebrate even if it was just playing a game and splitting a candy bar. Love you both!

  2. E Rich! I could never forget! How are ya? I can't believe your married! You and your hub are stinkin adorable. Yes I am pregnant with a little girl. We are super excited. Fun things!!

  3. You have a blog. This makes me happy.