Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy 27 to Matson!

Today is my guy's birthday. This is the 6th birthday I have celebrated with him. And I am so incredibly lucky to be the one that gets to celebrate with him.

This morning after feeding little Nixon, I got back into bed to snuggle Matson and I told Matson just that. That I was so lucky to have him. And you know what he responded with? he told me that he was so lucky to have me. I reminded him that it wasn't my birthday. But he didn't care. THAT is why I am so lucky right there. He is so good to me.

As I look back at these 6 years of birthday celebrating...I really am the lucky one. Although we may argue sometimes, get incredibly frustrated with each other, say things we don't mean, and fight about what stupid television show to put on (Don't be surprised if I pull my hair out if I have to watch another episode of Top Gear, Mythbusters, or Family Guy again.), I still love him so much. And at the end of each day he is the one I want, the one I choose, and the one I will never be tired of.  AND I am the one he wants, he chooses, and the one he never tires of.

Well this is my short love letter to Matson on his 27th birthday. I won't bore you with 27 reasons why I love him because he can read those on the 27 sticky notes hidden around our house. Ha. But I will tell you, Matson, in front of all these readers and bloggers that I love you. I love you more than bright yellow flowers, more than Western Family Shark fruit snacks, more than direct heat from a fireplace, more than a Sunday nap, more than anything.

Happy Birthday, Mats! I truly am grateful that you were born and that I am the one that gets to celebrate that with you.

Photo by Teagan Alex

Photo by Teagan Alex

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