Tuesday, October 12, 2010

costumes for couples=retarded

matson and i are finally starting to think about what to be for halloween. We have been struggling lately with what to dress up as. We have a few ideas and are just narrowing them down. I have been searching online and these same horrific costumes keep popping up on my google searches. they are really attractive. psshhh. Which one is your favorite? Let's see who wins your vote!

A Ball and Chain? No thank you. And is the balls seriously all what the costume is? And what is up with the guy being shirtless? Honestly, is that necessary?

This one would be pretty great. I wouldn't mind this except I am not one for huge head masks. 

Do you guys remember this little sexy ghostbuster from the movie? Uh...No.

Honestly? This is horrible. Not to mention how horrible this would look on me. That skin tone colored "skin" would not match my skin AT ALL. I am waaay too white. Plus I would not want everyone picturing me naked...
If you have an idea for us, something not like the costumes above, then let me know!
See you on Halloween everyone!


  1. Def. the Hello Kitty one!!! I would pay to see Matson in that one...in fact get a pink suit!!! Awesome!

  2. Hello Ghost Busters. LOL! I say you guys be cowboys and indians. No? Couldn't talk my kids into it either, but I think it'd be cute!